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So we have our state licenses set up, but in some states there are county sales tax. For example the state of Pennsylvania is 6% but if we ship to Philadelphia we are required to charge 2% coun...
Hello, On the theme we are using when we click on "catalog" it takes us to . However I dont want this to show collections, I want it to d...
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We use the chat a lot, we have our hours setup, and after-hours it does  tell our customers that we are closed, but all night long I hear my office PC and my phone going off because they can still chat with nobody.Is there a way they cant type to us ...
Is there a discount code app (third party) that only applies a discount code to certain payment methods?  We try to remain flexible and offer Credit card, apple, meta, google, paypal affirm, klarna, snap and shoppay installments but some of these tak...
We have two similar stores using "warehouse" theme.  The display product SKU numbers and I would like to remove that.  I found some info about adding script to theme liquid but don't know where on placement.This is what we have on the one.<!doctype h...
This is such a trash service on Shopify part and we got stuck on this too.  What we did is make a pricing group in shipping for this product with windows.  The item in question they will always buy two, sometimes four, but what we did is set the pric...
We have edited the language on the cart page to state that shipping and billing must match, and we cannot ship to a PO box.  However, people do not read that and press on anyhow.  Since we sell higher dollar items with smaller margins we combat fraud...
PA is our home state, so we have to collect it.  So this does not apply as we are collecting in the state we operate from.
We collect taxes in many states, a lot of these states work properly such as calculating county and local sales tax if they apply.  Shopify collects PA's 6% but will not collect sales tax for Philadelphia and Allegheny county both of which are 2% on ...
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