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Bio: development experience : 6 years Skills : Html5、Css3、Javascript、PHP、Laravel、Mysql、Linux、Vue、Liquid、Ruby

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Hi there I want to send order notification to our customer for delayed order. But I dont know if it's possible to do via shopify api, cuz I have not found the function I can use. th...
Hi Everyone, I'm trying to upload a video type media for my products,but there is a problem when I want to preview it on PC Safari, It means it's not working for the video_tag too. Other browsers ar...
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Hi @sao  https://www.flash-speed.com/This is what they use
Hi @BENJAMIN26  it's `main-article.liquid` 
HI @Rupert22 I checked your site code and saw both font weight are 700, you may need to check your Theme settings      1: Online store > themes > Customize2: 3: save your change   
Hi @SaifiBaba  pls check it hereDebut version 17.14.1.zip
Hi @rosina89  @pisstocity   You can simply do it like this.1:  Snippets > price.liquid replace #89<span class="badge price__badge-sold-out color-{{ settings.sold_out_badge_color_scheme }}"> {{ 'products.product.sold_out' | t }} </span>with ...
Hi @dharo-aguayo  If you only want to have your page to Online 2.0,then you can hire someone to change your page template from `liquid` to `json`,don't need to convert whole theme
Hi @PilarSantos  In your theme it called 'framework--product--item.liquid'  
Hi @PilarSantos  I don't have blockshop theme, if you don't mind pls send your theme file to my mail 565746947@qq.com, I will check it and let you know
Sure, feel free to DM me the password
Pls share me your store link
what is your liquid file? I think it's same, you can show me and I will look into it for you
Hi @Anna_Wang1  You can create a custom page and convert your template into HTML, then use JavaScript to insert the user's name.
Hi @thejameshampton  What is your `item.id`, you should pass the variant ID, not product ID
Hi @Solomon7  They are using the 'Cospora' theme, so if you want to create a website exactly like theirs, you can simply use the same theme. 
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