Hi, Is it possible to to charge a capture credit card on Shopify? I thinking to use Shopify gateway. The use case is the user subscribe some products, I want write an app that generate the order an...
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Hi, I have followed the webhook doc to create an ORDERS_CREATE subscription. But the webhook is not subscribed. AWS eventbridge is configured correctly, `shopify app webhook trigger` is received. I tried `npm run shopify app dev -- --resetreinstalled...
Hi, I am getting Access Denied for running a graphql query. Error: Access denied for deliveryCustomizations field. Required access: `read_delivery_customizations` access scope.The required scope is set in the app. What is missing?read_delivery_custom...
I got it working! key and namspace values were wrong metafield (key:"locality", namespace:"custom"){ value}
I got it working key and namespace values were wrong metafield (key:"locality", namespace:"custom"){ value}
  `metafield` is still returned as null Is metafield key and namespace value correct? Am I using it correctly? metafield (key:"custom.locality", namespace:"customer"){ value }  
Hi, I am working on the custom delivery function. How can I get the customer metafield value ?Input query is this query RunInput { cart { buyerIdentity { customer { id displayName email hasTags ( tags: ["Lo...
I did. It doesn't work. Maybe I should create a new thread. Thank you
Is there away to add a hyper link to an order? Like <a href="link-to-invoice"> Invoice</a>
+1. please add this feature
I tried using notes. But how do you add a link? It does not take html tags. In additional to attaching an invoice. I want to record sync logs from my app. Like invoice is created, payment is synced with xero.There is no way to create timeline comment...
Hi,Is it possible to create a new commentEvent in the admin order? I want to add additional details for the order. Like attache a invoice hyperlink or attache a file.It seems it is not possible for REST API. Is it possible in graphQL? Can you please ...
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