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my url is https://bespokeskintechnology.comdid anyone else notice the message in admin today saying there was an error with Facebook that could be affecting sales?
We've given up on attempting to get help with this issue and are moving across to WooCommerce. I'll update you to see if the difference is noticeable, and if our orders go back to what they were.
Yes, same here. Us a lots of other Shopify merchants on twitter
The worst part is the fact Shopify keep saying there's no issues, so it seems like there won't be a resolution.
It's horrible. This would make sense as I can't edit our store on safari anymore, it just never loads the theme editor.
Nope, our web traffic is down too. It seems whenever there's a customer that is affected it duplicates the checkout in customer behaviour x 6 as well.. Shopify have ignored all my complaints and are saying there's no issue. We will be changing over t...
is it still happening for you?
This has been happening to us too, I think it's a Shopify error
Nope, nothing still. Some customers are able to reach the checkout but not all. It seems to now be affecting the website traffic. It seems it could be people using the express checkout through shop but I can't know for sure 
Nope not yet, we have had some sales come through but I think that's because those users are using afterpay
Hi, is anyone else still having issues with the checkout since the Apple Pay error was flagged this morning?It seems its still affecting our store despite Shopify saying its resolved. Some of our purchasers also can't use Shop Pay. We also then rando...
Did anyone notice a dip in traffic/sales yesterday? It was unsually slow for us again and I just noticed that the theme page has been updated.
Agreed, it's certainly cost us a lot in sales
Kinda glad it's not just us! But it sucks!
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