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Hi there, Please can someone assist again... Currently our images on our collection pages (ie our products that are listed) are showing the title, vendor and price. We would like to ...
Hi there, Please can someone assist - we are trying to add the price under the Title that is listed under the images under Collection Lists on the HOME PAGE. How can we do this? Pl...
Hi there, Can anyone assist please? Currently on our Home Page we have our Collection Lists set up like below. Is there a way to add the price underneath the title of each image? Eg that it...
Hi there, I need assistance please. I want to make the TITLE under an Image on a Collection page Italic. However, when I change it on the code side, it changes the title AND the Vendor benea...
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Hi there, I have a question regarding Gift Cards. We have an online store where we have activated gift cars, and we have sold a few - with gift card numbers being sent to the relevant customer automatically. However, we also have a retail shop/Galler...
Hi there,Can someone please assist. I'm not a coder, but added "Read more" code to a description on our website before - the link below is the code I added into our theme. It works fine, but I now want to add it to a blog post as well, but the challe...
Hi @Don  Thanks for the feedback!We are busy looking at marketing internally Regards,Imke
We sell travel & vintage / retro posters. So it's crucial to protect the artwork. Therefore, the idea is to prevent people from downloading and 'taking' our work. Thanks for the suggested apps. I will have a look.Is there any other way to prevent ima...
Hi there, I'm hoping someone can assist. Is there a way (other than adding a watermark to each image) to prevent people from being able to download and save our images and then end up using it as their own?Ie is there a setting where I can specify th...
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