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Correct link is this one    
 The first option is showed. But the second still not showing.As seen as the attachment.Or for example this one: 
I think it's about the size of your screen.Mine still doesnt showing the text of variant.
I have edited the file I have theme.scss.liquid but It's change the color on desktop but not on my phone. Is it about this : min-width: 768px ?Can we modify it for all the device?
I do not have theme.scss.cssI have theme.scss.liquid
Hello, The variants text colors are black on black background on mobile device, so it's not visible. How to I modify this, my theme is Debut Theme. Please see the screenshot.  
Hello, anybody here?
same here, damn a multi million company and they can't do simple thing correctly.
Hello, There is 1500 urls ending by .atom in my google search console.  They have the status: "Crawled - currently not indexed"I don't know why i have so many atom urls. It's not even the blog, but just my product page with .atom for example myshop.c...
Same here, did you resolve it?
Hello Ive added French language in shopify market to my store, and then now all the links in English language are wrong, error 404 because when I add new language (French) it adds /en/ to the English language too and all products and everything becam...
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