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Based on this forum thread I understand that the app's iframe url contains the store myshopify domain. Based on that, this line of code works for me let host = ((new URL(document.location)).searchParams).get("shop");
During invocation of the graph API for getting product variants I get this error:  Internal error. Looks like something went wrong on our end. Request ID: 7b62f17f-51f9-4f9f-923d-c4a6e8979a09 Support referred me to the community for further assistanc...
Eventually it was indeed a matter of using the correct versions for meI must say that there was no place mentioning this relationship between the libraries and its importance for upgrading koa-shopify-auth package Maybe you should consider specifying...
After upgrading shopify/koa-shopify-auth library to v5.0.3 I get this error message as part of the /auth route during application load. I managed to track the root cause in the code to this new change:
The auth login flow should only be a redirection you make to the /auth route of your app to get a new and valid token (in Node.js its through the callback of the createShopifyAuth method of the koa-shopify-auth package) From end user point of view th...
Hi,We have an embedded app and we noticed in our merchants stores that the app url when accessing our app is https://{shop_url}/admin/apps/demo-314I don't know where does the demo-314 come from as our app name doesn't contain this string, nor I could...
@Michael_Ragalie thanks for your responseMy issue here is that there is a guidance which is not adjusted to this great new feature which looks pretty much baked.Since the original guidance is well documented and officially supported I would expect th...
You can try using the await command, meaning this (note that I'm not fully familiar with the actual types used here but the concept should be enough)app.get('/', async (req, res) => { .... let checkout = await client.checkout.create();Than checkout.i...
@Michael_Ragalie Would be great to hear of any updates on this
@Michael_Ragalie thanks for the updateCan you share timeframe for the updates to be available?
Hi everyone,This thread is great knowledge base for the session tokens subjectThank you @KisukaKiza and @MathewsJoseph for your great contributions However, I didn't get to see any response from Shopify team about official way to do this, must I remo...
Hi @rezaansyed, @eCreateStudio  thank you for your inputs, My api calls are done from an external file where the bridge is not definedHow can I access the app variable that should be a parameter to the function callauthenticatedFetch(app)(uri, option...
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