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I'm building a Shopify embedded application with two main points of functionality: Upon install, product meta fields are populated with some values Upon page load, a custom script is injected into...
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Found the problem. Shopify expects the following to be present within the head and body tags respectively:{{content_for_header}} and {{content_for_layout}}Injecting the following satisfies the above requirement and works!{ "asset": { "key": `layout/t...
Thanks Greg but the problem still persist.
I'm using the the admin API to make a restful PUT request to upload some file to theme folders.I can successfully upload files to any folder other that the 'Layout' folder, which gives a 422 error. Uploading to assets, templates sections etc works pe...
Thanks for the reply Sam. Got it - What is the purpose of bootstrapping the main script from the init script? 
I've build an embedded app that injects javascript into the product page of a client site. The code generates an icon against each product listing, but it is slow to load, and appears 1-2 seconds after the page has loaded.Is there a way to optimise t...
I'm building a Shopify embedded application (Node.js and Koa) that needs to inject a code snippet into the product listing page of the integrated e-commerce store. The idea is to present a custom icon against each product.I'm using the Shopify Script...
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