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I'm so dumb... I added the complementary products to the right product on the wrong store. Everything is good now.
I'm a theme developer using the /recommendations/products endpoint to get recommendations for my store. I'm trying to get Complimentary Products working, but when I use the "complementary" intent, no products are returned. I've confirmed that I'm loo...
I just found this GitHub issue: https://github.com/Shopify/dawn/issues/2230Looks like it's related to test orders. I'm not sure how a theme developer is supposed to test pagination if test orders don't count.
I'm having the same problem as EddieBui and modeled my code after the example from Dawn that you linked to. In my case, paginate.parts.size is 0. The default_pagination liquid tag also outputs nothing. If I do {{ paginate | json }}, I get the followi...
Brilliant! Thank you from 3 years into the future!
I'm also observing some pretty weird behavior when using the change.js API on one of these line items.. definitely something that should be fixed. Edit: and by weird I mean incorrect/broken
I just ran into this problem (not with Alpine.js specifically – I'm using Liquid – but with `key` not being unique). I'd consider this buggy behavior on the part of Shopify because the list of line items returned by Shopify APIs (including Liquid) re...
Hi Liam. I'm hoping you can elaborate on this: productVariantUpdate, though it accepts inventoryQuantities input, does not actually update the inventory quantity? May I ask what the reasoning is for this? It's very confusing behavior as the GraphQL i...
I've been having trouble with this over the last few days too. Also using themekit.
A new `search` query has been added to the Storefront API. Besides the fact that it can return things other than products, is there any difference between the new `search` query and the existing `products` query?
Hi, I'm in the process of transitioning some of our theme templates to JSON from liquid. I'm in a position where I have to change a JSON template back to liquid, but am seemingly unable to. Previously, I deleted templates/index.liquid and added a tem...
Per this post, there's a new feature called "discount combinations", but according to the docs it's only available to "certain merchants". How does one gain access? When will the feature be available to all merchants?
I should've searched before posting, looks like this has been mentioned before: https://community.shopify.com/c/shopify-apis-and-sdks/storefront-api-is-returning-no-products-one-hour-after-bulk/m-p/1544173
Hi, I'm trying to list collection products using the Storefront Graphql API, and some products are not being returned. Here is the query: { collection(handle: "wtf") { products(first: 10) { pageInfo { hasNextPage endCursor...
Hey @davebeauchemin , did you ever find a solution? I'm running into the same thing now.
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