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Bio: Nafeeur Rahman is a Shopify Expert and Technical Lead at Zepto Apps. He has a strong background in e-commerce, web development, and software engineeri...

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I want to add icon like the above image. But how is this possible? While I am trying to give them in Settings it's showing an Error { "id": "ready_step_description", ...
In my developer account this message is coming. I can't upload images in my theme. I am learning Shopify. So, need to customise the homepage. Is it possible to do that? Then what I have to do?
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This app could help you. 
Where do you want to add that text box?
Which theme are you using?
<div style="display: flex"> <div style="margin-right: 10px; background-color: gray;"> <h3><strong>Cleanse</strong></h3> <p>Cleanse your face with a gentle and balanced cleanser and <span style="color: red;">lukewarm</span> water.</p> </div> <div s...
Can you please give me a screenshot where you want to do it?
On the product description, click on this icon </>, you will get the source code. 
Do you have </> symbol of description?You will be able to add color on HTML of your description. Like the below picture. 
Isn't it work for you?Select the text and give color with that. 
You have to use Shopify function for this. Similar Post: 
If both files are images (black and white icons), you don't need CSS. 
That code is for adding a css class.Not for adding images. <img id="imageID" alt="Image" class="logo" /> const logo = document.querySelector(".logo"); logo.src="image_url_black_or_white_which_will_be_used_for_homepage"; const isHomepage = window.lo...
Upload photo/icon here.Then Preview and edit > Copy image address. You will get the shopify cdn address. Use that. 
You can use this code on the theme.liquidBetter to create an asset js file, and then paste it.
You can hide it when the URL matches with the About Us URL.let a = document.querySelector(".bacurr-dropdownChoices"); const isAboutUs = window.location.pathname === "/blogs/news"; if(isAboutUs) = 'none';
You can do it using Javascript path checking.window.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function() { const logo = document.querySelector(".logo"); const isHomepage = window.location.pathname === "/"; if (isHomepage || !isHomepage) { logo....
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