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Hi, I would like to put a hyperlink on a multi text custom data that is associated with my products. The link is to a static page that describes my products sizes.  If I'm not able to do this is it possible to the link to my products descriptions - w...
Hi Blair.I have sent a screen shot of the shopify help page1 before running out of real estate2 after running out of space3 another shopify page with the vertical scroll bar4 shopify help via incognito sessionI don't use shopify on a phone...screen t...
Hi @Blair, can you help? 
HI @Blair, can you help?
Hi, I have translated my shop into Spanish I then tried to delete this instance and try again with German The translate and adapt page shows: 1 auto-translate remaining When I try auto translate I get: Shop has maximum translations I have English as ...
Hi, I am unable to contact shopify support as there is no Vertical Scroll bar on the support page.  The shopify support page is the ONLY page on the world wide web where this is a problem. I have tried all of the suggestions mentioned below as well a...
Thanks Drew. I bought you a coffee 
Hi, I have added a dynamic metafield to my product page (product.metafields.custom.instlang). It is displaying correctly but I want to change the font color to make it more visible. What is the best way of doing this? RegardsDawn (I am also using the...
Hi Blair,I have tried all of the above plus installing Microsoft edge.  I still need help please as this is very tiresome and I have a number of issues I would like a response to but I'm unable to raise them with Shopify because of this.Regards 
When trying to contact Shopify Customer Support I am presented with a Chat conversation window.  This window has no scroll bar so as the conversation proceeds I am unable to see any response.  I am using Windows 11 Home, version 22H2 Any advice grate...
I am a co-owner of my Shopify store. How do I add an additional mobile number which can receive OTPs?Regards
Hi Brandography, Thanks for taking the time to respond.  I made the change (using a red color) as  .h4 {color: #fe3d1b !important} to the base.css but the heading has not changed. Thanks in advanceDawn
Hi,The url is
Hi, I'd like to change the color of the header and and icon for the 'Collapsible Content' section on the Dawn theme to blue in order to stand out. Please see existing presentation below. Thanks in anticipation. Gill
I did register but I had no reply.
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