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Hi,i have used line item properties a lot of time in DAWN theme and i am sure its not dawn theme issue, might be you have customized theme, Can you please share your product url, it will be easier to figure out what's wrong
here is a complete solution on this
@EdgarPateno that's why we are using if else condition which will handle this , i have shared example code , you may need to modify a little to work perfectly
1. Set product variants "continue selling when out of stock"2. In main-product.liquid file find "product-form__submit" and then add a condition where add to cart text is {% if current_variant.inventory_quantity < 0 and current_variant.inventory_mana...
,In metafield you can set multiples values e.g for product A you have multiples of 6 => 6,12,18,24Then using that metafiled you have to control your qty buttons, this will require some JS work 
If your product don't have any variants, then easiest solution is to create variants for each product like Variant 1 : 6 BottlesVaraint 2: 12 Bottlesand then hide the qty button, thats how you can sell in packs.Other way is to do using metafields but...
If you have used shopify CLI to create app , then it might have asked to convert the store into development, or if you have created app through dashboard you might have installed it using development link , which converted the store into development,...
There is a complete shopify article on this. There are some apps to which might be helpful, Zapiet is one of them
This is acknowledged issue on shopify end, hopefully it will be fixed soon 
You need to use dynamic variables in blocksE.g if you have different data for ingredients, you have to create product metafield and then metafield should be used in blockLets say you created metafield with "global" namespace and with key "ingredients...
Looks for your cart form code and check for following items Button code should be like this, Does not matter what the classes are<input type="submit" name="checkout" class="cart__btn cart-footer-btn-checkout" value="Check out">Look for cart form init...
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