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you will not be able to rename the domain name as this is hosted by shopifyin order to do this you would need to buy a private domain and have itlinked to your shopify store
Metafields *enable you to customize the functionality and appearance ofyour Shopify store by letting you save specialized information that isn'tusually captured in the Shopify admin*. You can use metafields for internaltracking, or to display special...
This also depends on the plan you are on
You could explain in the native language that this box needs to becompleted because removing any terms and conditions can open a can of wormsfor all manner of legal issues.
Have your items got the variants listed and what theme are you using ?
It's standard not a case of setting the option on or off.
Hi JohnIf you already have a Shopify Store you should be able to do a DomainTransfer as I see your current domain is active which is always good whentraangering domains.
Best option is to contact Shopify Customer Support via your Account andthey will be able to assist you.
I have not heard anything about providing licences for digital products andI assume this is not something Shopify provides either. This also soundslike it Something you would need in order to sell the products and notsomething your customers need
Hi this is a private domain (3rd party) seperate to Shopify so you wouldneed to contact your domain host to resolve this issue and not ShopifyThanks
It looks like you need a certain app in order to "Zoom" in on your productsI don't think there is set code for this to work as I wanted the same formy store.
It looks like you don't have an active Online Store Subscription and yourwebsite also asks for a Password.I would also suggest reaching out to the Shopify Customer Service Team sothey can check your account for any issues regarding your account
Hi @Troubleshoot777  In order to have multiple currencies on your store your client needs to have Shopify Payments enabled and they may need to add a currency selector into their theme...  Take a look at
Hi I have just checked out the website that you included in your message asking for help but I can see any products on the website and Im wondering if this is the correct ecommerce website as at the moment it looks like a standard business website......
Hi I need help in improving my store speed as Im not technically savvy with all of the coding that is suggested and don't want to click something and it break the site even further and my store speed I think is the reason for no sales or lots of drop...
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