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Bio: Your website is no longer a URL at which you park the existence of your online business. It’s often the first and most powerful presentation of your b...

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Hello. I'm working on a Printer template, and I'm wanting to add the "Additional Details" data (captured with order; found below "Notes" field). I'm really close, because I can finally see it ...
Hello. I'm setting-up a store that's password-protected using Locksmith. Everything is coming along nicely, however— After the new signup is approved, we're adding the tag "approved" t...
I'm trying to populate the Customer "Default Address" using the Registration Form. I have custom fields added to "customers/register.liquid" ... was a pain, and makes the inform...
Hello. I'm working on a members-only site. New registrants are to be cleared by an Admin user before being an activated user. Is this possible?
I'm struggling with a requirement on a client site I'm building. <span class="lia-unicode-emoji" title=":heavy_check_mark:">✔️</span>The site is a dealer-only (member-only) site to allow dealers to shop wholesale for their own customers. <span class="lia-unicode-emoji" title=":heavy_check_mark:">✔️</span>No prices are published...
Hello, and HELP! We're badly needing a way to: [1] make bundles based on PRODUCTS and VARIANTS — for customers to add to the cart with a click, and [2] a way for them to de-select/change qua...
Hello. I'm working with a client— building a new brand, using a Shopify site and a Squarespace site. I thought it was possible to add products to the third-party site with Buy Buttons, but soon disco...
I'm wanting to add a cart linked icon to a Squarespace site, that when clicked, the visitor can view products in their cart + sign-in to view account. I found a post showing an iframe s...
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That "mime-type" varies per browser/device (and every user in the world can change this setting themselves). @stemon  You would be best to open in a new window, and just let the browser do its thing.
Where do I find the "Order Printer" template that you mention in your post? (I'm running Supply, and not finding it.) THX
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