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I upgraded from a very old version of the shopify_app (7.2) to the most recent: 18.1 In my "shops" SQL table I have an "api_token" column with the offline access tokens saved for each shop, ...
Currently an email with a warning message about a non responding Webhook is sent when a webhook doesn't work. Since I'm a developer invited to Shopify, all those emails are in fact received by the ow...
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I could do it using: const urlParams = new URLSearchParams(; const shopify_domain = urlParams.get('shop'); const host = window.btoa(shopify_domain + '/admin'); if ( == window.self) { // I am out of shopify const ...
Same here, it looks like everybody is hijacking the "fetch" function to intercept the calls, but Shopify should have an API to avoid that.    
In order to get rid of this deprecated message, should I update the API version in all the installed webhooks?   I mean, manually one by one?  
Hi! As many other developers, I have the same code, on a production -app and on a dev-app. The production app has the proxy: Proxy prefix: apps Subpath: simple-path Proxy URL: and the dev app: Proxy prefix: apps ...
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