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How could I add a new notification to emails customer two days after delivery? Scale is tiny so solution would ideally be free, and integrated with Shopify.
Because it's 2020, I wondered why/if there isn't a visual editor for notification templates. I know HTML etc, but it's really off-putting (and surprising) that one of the world's biggest Ecommerce p...
How do I turn on the display of a Sort drop-down in a Collection or All Products view? I'm using the Debut theme. I thought it used to be there. Thanks.
What do I need to be able to offer certain partners a share of profit from referred revenue? I'm a newbie on affiliate and referral. I imagine I need some platform, plugged into Shopify, that can m...
How can I insert some custom HTML into a block? I just want to insert the embed code for a ProductHunt button. I'm using the Debut theme - none of the blocks (sections) seem appropriate. There shoul...
1. Could someone walk me through how the Debut theme treats image selection for product pages? Seems to me that it always takes the product image in position #3. Why, and is it possible to change t...
In the Debut, theme, the "Collection List" template shows big, blocky links that link to collections. How can I change the mark-up to mimic that of "Featured Collection" (basically, a standard produ...
Hi, I'm wondering if I could use Shopify for this use case? Imagine a store that sells print-on-demand items like t-shirts, mug or framed prints that bear tweets as specified by the customer. So, t...
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Are there any ways I can offer affiliate partnerships on this basis...Free to me (reason: I am extremely low-volume on sales).Offers a percent of profit, rather than of revenue (reason: I incur costs and taxes that fluctuate and are unpredictable).
This works for Debut for me, where other similar instructions do not. I would love to find code that would ZOOM the primary image, not just give an alternate image.
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