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Hi, Dear community, I am facing an issue which impacts the way my customers are using payment methods. For one of my payment method, the logo is not on the right and is a little bit blurred...
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.product-soldout {opacity: 0.4;}@media (max-width: 767.98px) {.product-soldout {opacity: 0.4;}}
Hi, on my website recallclothing.com, my product descriptions are currently under 1 accordion "Description".Inside this description, I have different sections such as "The Story" , "Details", "Sizing recommendations". I would like to make an accordio...
Bump. Any idea ?
Hi, for some reason, on my store recallclothing.com I cannot make it for the opacity to work on mobile, but only on desktop. product-bloc.liquid {% if product.available==false %} product-soldout {% endif %}  and in CSS:.product-soldout {opacity: 0.4;...
Conversion rate at 0% for 2 orders, Shopify should definitely help you in understanding why. That's impossible
Hi Dan, you recently solved one of my issue, and I was looking to get the stars review clickable for my store. However your code snipped doesn't seem to work for me. Do you have any idea why ?
Another possibility: would it be that Shopify tracks differently the visitors with the new theme ?
Would it be possible that somewhat some visitors are unable to access because of a DNS issue? Was there something else besides the theme upgrade? i don’t see how the theme upgrade would impact the visits since the website is accessible publicly. Anot...
By any chance did you try to revert back the changes to see what happens in terms of traffic? 
Please is it possible that you share the website in question. I would like to simply browse on it to see what happens. A sudden drop in traffic is pretty strange. Also from which country was the majority of your visits before the change? also please ...
Solved with: {% if product.vendor %} {% assign its_a_match = false %} {%- capture my_collection_handle -%}{{ product.vendor | handleize | strip | escape }}{%- endcapture -%} {% assign my_collection_handle_stripped = my_collection_handle | str...
Not working apparently. See below. Do you have another idea ? 
It doesn't seem to work. The link is now https://recallclothing.com/collections/CollectionDropCollectionDropCollectionDropCollectionDrop
Shall I remove all the IF in the code then ? I'm not even exactly sure what they do.
Hi, can you please share the picture Analytics > Sessions over time over 6 months, showing some months before your change, some months after the change and give the exact date of the change ? That's really strange.
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