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Based on your description you do not need to hurry up to start the business and fulfillment center as you are totally new, you can take more time some dropshipping course from youtube or someone who are good at ecommerce selling, once you know the wh...
I suggest you try to find trending products on the platform like Amazon Aliexpress or Alibaba by estimating the selling price, sales quantities, shipping cost and profit margin to determine whether they are profitable or not.
Apply 3PL in USA cost might be higher than 3PL in China due to the stock inventory and service fee, but the delivery speed is really faster.
Actually u have one fulfillment service for US and CA, one for UK and EU, the rest would be Aus, NZ and some countries in Middle East as well as South East Asia, we can help you fulfill from China to those countries directly.
mostly product listings on CJ and Dsers are from Aliexpress, however, Aliexpress product price arent cheap at all as it is mainly for retail, if you wholesale from them you may get discount but the price should be not competitive enough, I suggest yo...
Use 3PL who could help you ship from USA to worldwide countries and upload tracking manually or sync tracking from 3PL ERP system if they have.
If you dropshipping it isnt the more skus the better especially you have no control on the inventory. You need find trending products then test them instead of import thousands of skus day by day, that's useless to dropshipping.
When you apply ERP to fulfill Shopify orders there are usually 5 steps:  1> create a Shopify staff account with admin full access (if fulfill by yourself) or products, orders, apps access (3PL fulfillment);2> Connect ERP with Shopify store and instal...
Try Aliexpress dropshipping for 1 to 2 months you will know how it proceeds.
It is possible if you apply 3PL service to help you fulfill orders in different stores. Currently we help shopify sellers fulfill orders from China to west countries, big clients usually have 3 to 5 stores or even more, we help them source, branding ...
Of course you can sell to USA from PK as long as you solved the payment and shipping issues.
It is a very small issue for your business, due to the currency rates is floating and the transaction usually has extra charge, you can use the real currency rates deduct 1% to 1.5% should be okay.
That's bad business idea if you dropship via Shopify supplier as you wont have competitive price and low margin, instead you can find supplier from Alibaba or Aliexpress even Chinese online platforms for far more lower price.
If you dropship from China via Aliexpress the seller normally ship via Cainiao which is free or low for slow shipping, if you choose 7 to 15 days courier service the shipping will be high, thus if you have daily 10 to 20 orders or above shipping from...
If you just start without any experience buying stock is risky, just try to dropship from Aliexpress for a while, once you have best seller products with daily 10 to 20 orders, you can find a 3PL for fulfillment then buy stock inventory from seller t...
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