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We currently use Shopify for POS and online store. We currently sell things like memberships, workshop spaces, etc. at both. When someone purchases one of these things online they fill out their cont...
Hey there, I'm wondering if anyone has been able to change the width of the text area in their buy now button with full description? I'm able to make the photo smaller, but would like to make the te...
Does anyone know of way of adding contact tracing to an admission sale when using the point of sale? A simple for with name, phone number and email is all we need, but we need it to come up for every...
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We use Shopify as our online store and Shopify POS at our front desk and we're looking for an app that will allow us to sell admissions (by day/time), tickets for events, rentals (either at the desk through the POS or online before their visit), and ...
We just finished our year end inventory and when I did the final stock adjustment through stocky the inventory was NOT automatically updated in shopify. Is this normal, do I need to change them manually in Shopify?  It was clear during the inventory ...
Has anyone found an easy way to compare cost prices in Stocky to cost prices in Shopify? Our cost of goods is out and I know sometimes the cost prices we put in Stocky don't always seem to update in Shopify. I can export a list from both and compare,...
Do you know if that works for Moneris too Petgrocer? And is your Chase system integrated, or do you have to input the amounts on the terminal?
Does anyone have a go-to app that works to hide sold out product variants (the text in the drop down and their images) in the Debut theme?We're just realizing our old code snippet doesn't work anymore, and it sounds like the only way to do this now i...
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