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I am trying to move my logo slightly to the left in my navigation bar so there is a little more space between the logo and "About Us" link . I have changed (navItemWidth > navWidth) to (...
I am attempting to change the Brooklyn theme's navigation menu text/cart icon/search icon/burger colour to black and hover to grey while using a transparent heading. I can make the changes easily usi...
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for some reason it is still showing on mobile 
Hi, I have used the attached code to remove the search icon and cart icon from my header. It works perfect on desktop, but remains visible on mobile. How can I also remove it from mobile? 
thanks for your quick reply! I just tried that code in base.css but it didn't seem to change anything, perhaps I am doing it wrong? 
Hey thanks for your reply! This worked to make it full screen, but the resolution is quite compromised, any thoughts? Also, is there a way I can align it to the right?
Hi, I currently have my website on a legacy Brooklyn theme and am trying to update to a 2.0 theme using Dawn. I really like how my mobile homepage image banner looks right now (it is full screen and right-aligned). How can I do this in dawn theme? I ...
I am using this Multi-location selector on this page of my website using a Custom HTML JSON section: But I want the widget/selector tool to be placed higher on the page on deskt...
At the top of the custom liquid I use this! <style>:is(.spaced-section) { margin-top:0!important } @media screen and (min-width: 750px) { :is(.spaced-section) { margin-top:0!important }}</style>
Thanks! I use Dawn! Sorry for the late reply
Try this, it is @OpenThinking's solution just with a higher min-width. Copy/Paste the following code inside your layout/theme.liquid, just before </head><style>:is(.spaced-section) { margin-top:0!important } @media screen and (min-width: 992px) { :is...
Hello! I am trying to remove the shopping cart icon from my site, any help would be greatly appreciated!  URL: 
@PaulNewton Thank you this worked for one of my lines. I am using this code at the bottom of image-section-banner to make the header transparent and overlap my image banner. Do you know how I can have this apply to only the homepage? I tried wrapping...
Hello! This is a link to my preview (Dawn theme): I am trying to format the image banner on the homepage differently from the banner on the "Apparel" page. I know I need to reference my specific ...
Click to expand...@KetanKumar  Even with the section ID it seems to affect both image banners. They are either both transparent behind the header or both solid below the header.
@KetanKumar Works great, thank you! Perhaps you can assist with a similar issue. I use the following codes also at the bottom of section-image-banner to make the header transparent and also the secondary image banner text white, but I also only want ...
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