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As the title says. I have a button/button label on my third slide that is in the middle, but I want to move it to the bottom middle of the slide so it doesn't obscure the text. I'm using the "Respons...
I have an "Open Letter" on the homepage of my store that contains 863 words. It's a "Rich Text" section and I just want to display the first 140 words and then offer the user a "Read More...
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Hello,I’ve been running speed tests for my site and have a very low mobile score (while having a good desktop score of 72). PageSpeed insights says I need to eliminate render blocking resources. I do not have a deep enough knowledge of coding to try ...
I'll take a look at the app, thank you for the suggestions! Thanks for the advice about exporting everything as well, I'll look for an app to save blog posts like you suggested.
Hello,I've spent a LONG time working on my store and am about to launch. There was a lot of customization involved: code changes, photography, writing- months and months of work! I use the Rewind app and back up my products onto a .csv file- but I wa...
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