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Bio: Hey Wajahat, I own a Shopify company we develop many public & private Shopify apps. We create beautifully designed and easy-to-use software products. ...

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Here in Pakistan a lot of people are using Shopify as a platform for e-com but Shopify doesn't have any local community of Shopify in Pakistan. We also want to create a local community where we can d...
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Shopify stores are just like websites. Using Shopify you can sell anywhere in the world.
I saw the screenshot you shared. You have an ajax form and you want users to sign up there and then you want to make them your Shopify customer also. Then you can manage that customer in Shopify just like you are doing. If it's correct then you need ...
Hi, I am working on Shopify for the last 5 years. Want to get enrolled as a Shopify Expert on the Experts Marketplace by Fiverr. I contacted the Shopify team and they said they are not accepting the new applications. Can someone let me know when they...
I got your problem. for this purpose you need Shopify App specifically for your own store. An app will install on your store so you can control what products you want to show to customers and what not. If you want to get this app developed let me kno...
I think you can achieve this functionality through the Shopify Apps.
If you got the access token then it means OAuth is complete now you can redirect the user to any screen. 
Yes, they are if the app developer/owner got their app reviewed by Shopify. If their app is public and reviewed by Shopify then you can install that app on your Shopify store.
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