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I'm looking to build an app that pops up a modal dialog and can interact with the user's cart, similar to this: I'm familiar with the backend and GraphQL shopi...
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I found the problem is that you have to first accept the fulfillment request from your fulfillment service before creating the fulfillment.  Check out the acceptFulfillmentRequest mutation here. I don't believe it's possible to accept a fulfillment r...
@JamesG Is there a REST API equivalent of the fulfillmentCreateV2 mutation? 
Hi @JamesG ! Thanks for letting me know about the invalid format on the URL.  Regarding the transition to FulfillmentOrders, how does one provide tracking information for an order without creating a Fulfillment resource? The migration guide and Fulfi...
Hi there,    Can someone at Shopify help me with with this issue? X-Shopify-API-Version: 2021-10 X-Request-IDs: 14002aab-1fdc-437b-969f-175bf15721bb, 5a237171-bf5f-4552-9391-45b0bdc5d6c6I have a FulfillmentOrder, and am attempting to create a Fulfill...
I've found the same thing, when testing out a fulfillment service on a test store when you add/remove the service multiple times, it leaves an orphan location, such that when you try to re-add the fulfillment service, this error is thrown. You need t...
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