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If someone has made me an offer on a product at a lower price than I am asking--is there a way to sell to that person without lowering the public price of the product and taking the chance that someo...
Hi I need to do a few things with my variants. First I need to show the quantity of the variant available. I would like this to be in the dropdown for the variant. Second, I would like ...
Can someone tell me how to allow users to zoom on a product image? Via Lightbox or any other method that is applicable to this theme. Thanks!
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Had a flagged high risk order for $500 cancelled and refunded by my fraud app and i got stuck eating the processing fee.  I reached out to the person who ordered and they said they are a reseller and shipping to a forwarder in Oregon.  I asked for ID...
Wondering if anyone has dealt with this.  High dollar transaction over $3000, got flagged by Chase. But on my admin section the payment shows as processed. Customer got a text from Chase flagging the transaction and that the transaction was not compl...
Thanks for the thoughtful reply Victor.  I am based in MA and have only $3000 sales within my state of Massachusetts.However from my understanding after reading extensively on the subject it sounds like any online seller in Massachusetts needs to col...
Hi, I just had this pop up on my homepage: "You may have a sales tax liability in 1 U.S. state"I have slightly over $20K in sales over the past year from ALL states.  From what I understand--my location Massachusetts, requires you to collect sales ta...
Thanks Jason for all the information.  I will certainly consider using your service. So, i'm 100% confident this order is a fraudulent order.  They provided a number, I spoke to her and was not confident in my discussions.I then found the property ow...
Thanks Jason, I think I will try to at least contact the post office tomorrow and try to stop the package from being sent.  I'm doing some of my own research as well and have asked the person to provide me with a phone number so that I can call them....
So today an order came into my store for $4,000, which is a big order for me--it is one item.  It was flagged as high risk, but i didn't see any problems with the name and credit card and fulfilled the order.  Shopify emailed me an said that they wou...
When I look in my google merchant feed, all of my products are showing up with a condition of new.  I sell used collectibles, so need to change it to 'used'.  I don't see anywhere on my product pages to do so.  Can someone help me out?
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