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Yes it's possible. This app is fully customizable. You can ask the team to set up iOS and Android apps quickly
This team can help you build the app that matches with your custom styles and brand identity.
You may need an app that is fully customizable like This team will also help you build the app that matches with your brand identity.
It's sad to hear that your favorite app is delisted. You can use an alternative app like this one
You can also use this app to create beautiful mobile apps for your store
You can use this app to enable search by metafields. Once installed, go to the app, App settings => Search index and add your product or variant metafields then hit Sync.
You may want to use a filter app that can allows you to organize your filter items manually. please check When editing/creating a filter, you will see a toggle Manual values, turn it on and add y...
collections/all is the default page that lists all items. I guess the default filter would not work correctly on this page or you need to create /all collection. There is an easy way to insert filters to any page, add a filter app like https://apps.s...
It's totally possible to show the search bar for just some collections and exclude some products from your collections based on rules using this app  You can create rules to exclude products from...
If I understand your questions correctly you wanted a color filter that filters products with multiple selection capability. If the default theme filter cant handle it, I would recommend using an app like
The simplest way is to use a filter app that supports filters on search page. One is It can help you add different types of filters to your search page and it is fast. Hope this helps!
This is a complicated way and the basic filter would not work. I would recommend using an advanced filter app  In your case, you can create a metafield value "For damaged hair,For dry hair" for y...
Hello Marion, Shopify introduced OS 2.0 themes with filters. If you are looking for an advanced filter like you said, an app would be a good option. Like this one It helps you create that column ...
It looks like the app is not removed from your code correctly. I would contact them directly to see how they can help.
Google and other search engines are smart enough to crawl your sites with products loading from JS. Dont worry about that. A good search + filter app that can help you with SEO and theme support is
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