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Okay, turns out I figured it out.  You can use the koa middleware (nodejs) to get the accessToken after proper O-auth.  Then you can send the accessToken as part of the GET request in the header.const accessToken = ctx.session.accessToken;const respo...
I see everywhere to make the api calls like such: https://{yourapikey}:{yourapikey}@s{yourstore}/admin/orders.json If I don't have the apikeys for the store (since it will be a public app), then this request cannot be made. Does that make sense?
Hi!  I'm working on an embedded application that needs to get the count of orders from a certain timerange.  I think the graphql way with pagination is a hurdle and difficult to set up, plus it requires me to manually write the querying logic and agg...
Hello, I'm trying to hit a backend application from my front-end in an embedded application.  The backend has a database that the frontend is meant to query.   I'm building a nodejs backend with reactjs front-end.If the frontend is trying to hit an e...
Hello, I'm building out a nodejs with reactjs front-end for an embedded application and was wondering how would be the best way to get a shopId from the admin? I realize that this request will only work if I have a store's API key and password to mak...
I'm having this same exact issue when following the guide online with a cURL command.  Have you found a solution to it?  Thanks.
Hi Everyone,I'm new to developing shopify apps and graphql.I'm trying to query shopify's admin graphql, similar to this guide: https://shopify.dev/tutorials/build-a-shopify-app-with-node-and-react/fetch-data-with-apollo . For those unfamiliar, we are...
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