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Here's the code that I use on my packing slip. Hope it works for you. {% if order.shipping_method.title != blank %}<li class="order-details-shipping"><span class="order-details-title editable" data-key="shipping_method">Shipping Method:</span><span c...
Hey all, Transferred to the new Order Printer, and imported all my old templates. They seem to be working ok, at least in Chrome, except the section showing the refunded and fulfilled quantities of orders. Here's how refunded and fulfilled line items...
No, I haven't received a workable solution at all. I'm not going to make any changes to my existing products, because then the 'uncategorized' category will be activated. Not very pleased with this, as you can imagine.
Thanks for your reply, @Imogen  @Imogen wrote: With that being said, you can leave the 'product category' section of the product's settings blank, and then add your desired 'category' in the 'product type' field. Unfortunately it's not possible to le...
Hi Erin, Here are a few screenshots. 1) overview of my latest products. The items from The Cold Stares have my preferred category, and the items from Kenny Wayne Shepherd have 'uncategorized'. I don't want to see the Category field with its generic d...
Hi, Clearing the category field used to show my custom product type in the back office product list, but apparently that has been changed. Old items are still displayed with my custom product type, but any newly added items are showm with the new 'ca...
Can confirm this too. I uninstalled the app, immediately reinstalled. All my files are luckily still there, and no 'unsupported' message anymore.
Yep, have the same in my admin. Searching for orders and products yields zero results. Going through the orders and products page by page now.
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