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Hi @kurt-shipad , not sure about your situation. I have a hunch it's probably mostly related to the IIS and proxy settings. Also you might want to check your DNS registrar. In my situation with Heroku, they will give you a unique subdomain like *.her...
Ok, sorry if the answer is already super obvious, but I probably should have read the Koa source first. Looks like the reason host isn't on the ctx object is because it's a getter. You can see this here:/** * Parse the "Host" header field host ...
I was able to able to get this running in production as well using the info that @KisukaKiza posted on this thread along with the docs. I did end up taking the koa-shopify-auth and graphqlproxy packages and stripped them of cookie cruft, and consolid...
I see what you're saying, I'm actually a little stumped at the moment. I can see the destructuring happening inside the oAuthQueryString module like this:const { host } = ctx;But I took the context object and pulled it into a separate Node REPL and t...
Sure, np. You're right, the host is represented in on requests, but for creating the callback it's pulling from process.env.HOST.This is being set with the package dotenv and merged back into the process.env variables:https://...
You will probably need to change your HOST variable in your .env file at the root of your project. If we look inside the koa-shopify-auth package, we can see the following:export default function createOAuthStart( options: OAuthStartOptions, call...
I would look into setting your env variables on the hosting platform. Here’s the docs for Heroku:
I'm having the same issue, tried the workaround on this post for adding /auth/inline to the app settings, but still doesn't work: this rejection messag...
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