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It may be working for Javascript, but for react, the component is not found, and the selector is invalid, thats what I explain in the first post 
Do you have an example?orderConfirmation does not seem to be a valid keyword/function in Visual Code 
We have been trying to get the order ID from the page but it seems that it does not accept the useOrder() API.We have notice that this is available at the order.status.Is there a way that we can have the order id?, we need to place a button...
Thanks!Have you got any news from this issue?
Sory, but should be the normal way, to document changes and then apply them?.So know you can change anything in shopify and no one gets the information?I find this nothing to do with a security issue, as the order_status_url already carries an authen...
HiDid you find a solution to this?I also use the order status url for our customers communication, and we dont know if this is a configuration issue or a policy implemented by shopiffy. anyway I think this does not help the customer side
Hi,Not so long ago, we notice that the Thank You Page after the checkout, now is showing a login requiered to view the order. This was not this way before. Is this a configuration issue or is just the way shopify in handling the Thank You page now?  
Is there any docs on what an since_id refers in the case of Draft Orders?Because you have:id, name (#DXXXX) and order_id.Any way, since_id is not returning from the starting id. Can someone please help as the docs states nothing with no examples.http...
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