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I don't know... but every time I chat with support I mention it.
Why is this not a thing? Can you please enable an option to "edit" a local pickup order so we can ship it and bill the customer? I shouldn't have to pay a 3rd party app in order to do this simple, very needed task.
its not letting me add a customer with my email... saying email is already used. ughh
How is this not a thing? Customers forget all the time (I know I do as a customer) and a gentle email reminder for them to come pickup their order would be SO nice. Instead of me emailing each customer separately via my own email account. 
These are HUGE items that need to be available!!! Any update??
YESS!!!! WHYYYY are these not an option? Seems SO simple and extremely useful! Ugh..
Whyyyyy on earth this isn't part of the BASIC Shopify plan is beyond me. And to make something that is so basic and VITAL to a small business (as knowing the amount of products sold in a time period) NOT be included in basic plan is ridiculous to me!...
I figured it out! Before you send invoice you have to click “shipppng” andadjust it that way.
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