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Hello, Hoping for some help on setting up the shipping on my webshop. I sell jewellery and for insurance purposes, I have to use 2 different shipping providers/ companies. I am just won...
Hoping someone can help: webshop woodwardandfox.com password - rankin Theme ; PRestige I have installed Mailerlite for email campaigns/forms so am trying to disable automatic ab...
Hello, I have 19 collections which sell one of a kind items. I need to change the sort option from BESTSELLER (as there is only one of each so irrelevant) to Newest. Is there a w...
2 0 0 Hi completely new to shopify - I paid a developer to build my site but am having massive problems with it now. url - woodwardandfox.com password is rankin Deve...
Hi completely new to shopify - I paid a developer to build my site but am having massive problems with it now. url - woodwardandfox.com password is rankin Developer has already transf...
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Hello @oscprofessional I am also trying to adjust the width (100%) for the "rich text with image" sections (but only when they dont have an image). For example this page "https://woodwardandfox.com/pages/antique-and-vintage-engagement-rings". I tried...
@KetanKumar hiya, i have accepted it! thank you !  
isnt it easier to just do Collaborator Access as your a shopify partner?
hi thanks for the offer. How do I add you? Also - would you be able to do it on a duplicate theme? as I am too scared in case something goes wrong. I will create a KatanKumar duplicate theme   
Hi @KetanKumar  I have uploaded a new logo with the size you requested - 600 x 40.  Hope this works. Thanks again! 
@KetanKumar Hi, so ive created and uploaded a new version of logo with the recommended logo size of 200 x 60 pixels. I wasnt sure what size to make the image but I uploaded it as a png. Hoping you can somehow get it to work for me  thank you  
@KetanKumar  @MS-WEB-DESIGNER this is what i what i am looking for. I made this on photoshop. praying someone knows how to do this...   
hi, @MS-WEB-DESIGNER thanks for this. I have tried but it didnt change anything... on mobile or desktop.   
hi @KetanKumar Okay So I duplicated my theme and added the code you suggested. It doesnt seem to change the desktop version, but I think it changed the mobile size. But i am struggling to tell. Dont really know what I am looking for if that makes sen...
Hi @KetanKumar thanks for reaching out! Im not sure what you mean or where to find that specific part of the theme customization? 
Hello. So sorry. I was playing around with it yesterday and forgot to put it back. No one ever answers my posts so didn’t expect a reply Thank you for looking.
Hi, Kind of new to coding on Shopify but have successfully cut and pasted several changes with other issues. I would like to increase the logo width size on both Mobile and Desktop. I am using Prestige theme and the maximum size of the PNG they allow...
Hello, I am having the same issues. my website is woodwardandfox.compasssword is rankinI am using Prestige theme I need to increase the size for mobile and desktop. Can anyone help? Would i use the same code as above for the mobile?
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