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Hey All, I am building an app which consumes inventory ,order and few other webhooks . Is there a way to identify which action resulted in the change in inventory levels ? Example: Inventory could ...
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Hi,I have recently launched an app that helps with inventory planning. Please do check out if it can be of help.I will be happy to extend the trial period and add a discounted rate. Also eager to ...
You can ignore it safely as I guess the store is being used to test the app, right ? 
I had faced the same issue. Try installing the using the "Test on development store" under more options from the app page. This resolved my issue, also once I had installed the app to the store this way,  I was later able to reinstall it using the us...
You can use jsonpickle for this. import jsonpickle products = shopify.Product.find() products_page_json =jsonpickle.encode(products) 
You are Welcome 
Hi,One approach would be  create 2 separate apps in Shopify partner dashboard one for staging/testing and one for live production, this will allow you to have 2 sets of API keys. Also use the Pipeline in heroku to setup staging and production instanc...
Hi,I think you are looking for "Social Proof" apps. Please search with this term,you would find plenty in app store.   
Hey ,Thanks for the vote of confidence. Now I must pull up my socks and finish it as soon as possible  I am about 60% done and am still working my full time job, but the good thing is I am taking a few months sabbatical from 1st June to dedicatedly ...
Hi Kasper,Not a immediate help but I am currently building an inventory management app with capabilities you have listed.Feel free to check out the blog for more details and join the wait list. I  will be happy to give you early access once ready and...
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