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You can export the data to a CSV then save it as a PDF and submit it in that form to your accountant if you don't want to provide them an editable CSV file. Also a lot of spreadsheet applications will allow you to lock a CSV file so that it can't be ...
What steps are you getting to when you try and go through the help center to get support? You can also DM them through Facebook or Twitter for extra help with this. 
Hi Sahar!  The process should look like this:* Go to, click Support at the top of the page* Sign in OR Choose to continue without a store* The page should load to the main Help Center page, with the search bar at the top of t...
When you go to contact support, you need to login to your store account, search for a topic, don't open any of the articles and click the Contact Support button at the bottom of the page. Try clearing your cache and cookies or try in a private browsi...
Hey Ski PlusShopify doesn't really provide any reports or analytics on a letterhead. The numbers related to your Shopify Payouts are only available to either export into a CSV file (where you can total the column for the amount of fees paid) or you c...
Hi Dunc! If you update the DNS settings for your domain that will cause your domain to point to the new Shopify store you are creating. If you want to also transfer the domain hosting to Shopify, I would start that process soon as it can take a few w...
Hi Grabity! That can happen if a retired Shopify store was using that domain name previously. All you need to do is contact Shopify support and provide proof of ownership for the new domain URL and they can help you get it connected. 
Definitely a scam! The URL for the login is:  (DO NOT FOLLOW THIS URL) You can forward it to so they can try and track it down.  
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