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@KetanKumar Did not understand you here.My question is how I can achieve this? 
@KetanKumar I am not sure how it will help you to add you to the staff account.I need to ask my superior about this.Just want to clear my requirement again, I am building a Shopify App in which I need to add labels over the product image.As per my ex...
@KetanKumar I am waiting for your reply. Also, I am available on skype.I have already messaged you on skype.
@KetanKumar Sorry for the inconvenience.There was some CORS issue which I fixed.
@KetanKumar You should see this label. Please reload the page and try again. 
@Ketan I am looking for generalize solution which will work on all themes.As I mentioned above I am building a Shopify app and I need a way(may be HTML class or id) so I can find where that product is in theme.Then with the help of javascript, I can ...
@UmairA @KetanKumar Here are the store urlhttps://the-corner-store-go.myshopify.com/
Hey,I am building a Shopify App in which I am trying to add icons and labels on Shopify pages(Collections, product details page, etc) using script tag js on products.See the below image with custom icons and labels for this store theme. I am facing a...
@policenauts unfortunately I don't have any more firm answers than when I submitted the original ticket. We're still searching for the best solution.
Yes @policenauts , based on my follow-up dialogue with Shopify, this approach is acceptable. Hope this helps.
I am creating a sales channel app in which we are using Checkout API.https://shopify.dev/docs/admin-api/rest/reference/sales-channels/checkoutOur requirement is that after authorizing (but not capturing/charging) the buyer's credit card during checko...
How can I call Shopify Polaris toast js function with HTML/Jquery?I have checked this https://polaris.shopify.com/components/feedback-indicators/toastand found an example of HTML but there is no JS provided in this example.Which function do I need to...
Thanks once again @Kevin_A In order to enable automated Authorize now and Capture later at checkout, below is the approach we plan to take:Create our app as a sales channel appTo purchase a product using our app, upon clicking a special button on the...
Thanks for the reply @Kevin_A In order to enable automated credit card authorization now and capture later, I understand that we must use Checkout API as a sales channel app. I only have 1 question, which is not so much a technical question but a que...
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