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Thank you Keshan! Not only for your prompt reply but straightforward answer! I will implement this change tonight and fingers crossed!! Very exciting.
Hi Shopify users and team! I am migrating my legacy Brooklyn theme store to Ride. It has been a long journey. I was worried about what would and would not transition over. I learned that my apps will transition as will code applied within the admin p...
So to anyone who views this, the code application was too frustrating for me, as I am not a dev by trade and the theme was not taking anything. I downloaded the Ecomposure app and just use the free version to get a few videos playing on my pages. 3 i...
Can someone please assist me in making these banners responsive for mobile? Or even just have them in their full size? I got the homepage to do it on a trial for a app I received in the app store, which only allows one page to be applied to all the o...
Can someone please help? This is becoming rather frustrating and there are no solutions that seem to work.
This is not working and I have the same theme can you please help me? is: ohbluy
Why is there no solution for this
I will try it I am not very tech savvy when it comes to this stuff
It has been a rather bumpy ride with this theme I was rather surprised it has been this way but alas. Can someone please help me make the banners responsive? I am noticing many shopify themes do not have responsive banners regardless which is insane ...
Where would one put that code @StudioEnchant 
I ended up downloaded a template app from the store but I will let the group know if this works when I apply it
Can someone please help me to make this video play automatically upon landing on the page. It does not have sound. It is a video that is a new section on the homepage under template. I am using the refresh theme. URL is here:
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