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Hi, I'm using shopify_python_api to create a discount code to $5 off $85 orders. What am I doing wrong? price_rule = shopify.PriceRule.create({ "price_rule_id" : 11111, "title"...
I am a startup store, so a lot of customers pay and pickup locally. I also sell the same items on eBay and Amazon. I was fulfilling eBay sales myself from my office, but will change to FBA for that. ...
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I had the same issue and it had bothered me for quite some time. This seemed to cut down the whitespace at the top of my packing slip by half. I removed the top margin. .wrapper {width: 831px;margin: auto;/*padding: 4em;*/padding: 0 4em 4em; /* get r...
I have tried cedcommerce for about 2 months and it is a lot of work to use. There is no automatic matching based on your existing eBay listings and you have to set up a bunch of different "profiles" and "templates" to match your Shopify listings to t...
I found a work-around for this. I created a "manual" colllection, then wrote a script that temoves all the products from that collection, then adds the products to the collection in a certain order, and scheduled this script to run periodically.   co...
I'm using the Dawn theme and want to add a custom sort option to the product grid. Where are these sort options taken from and where are their sort logic defined? Here are the sort options that come default with Dawn. Thanks!Sort
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