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When making a location I do not see any option to put in business name info.This solution sounded promising but doesnt seem to actually support shipping with a different business name than the shop name.Can you assist?
It is really depressing that this extremely basic feature doesn't exist and doesnt seem to be any kind of priority for Shopify.On platforms like square creating variable priced items where price can be typed at checkout is a basic default feature.  C...
Thanks. I will send a DM. 
What is the best way to reach you to do that?  
Applied! Thank you for this.I am also curious if it is possible to reset your original auto translation choices?  We made a mistake in our initial selection and didnt actually want those two languages selected for auto translation.  We would love to ...
I see that in my theme the Variant Picker type is different:"variant_picker": {"type": "variant_picker","settings": {"picker_type": "button","swatch_shape": "circle"---Store url is 
This hides sold out PRODUCTS but not Variants. 
Looks like the form is still unavailable.
I am trying to accomplish the same thing, but in the Craft 13 theme (latest version of shopify Craft theme)I tried this code as suggested here, but without any luck. 
I am having the same issue selling books from USA to EU and UK.Shopify's  PAID feature touted to be worth paying for to collect duties and taxes cannot identify a book and tax it as a book.Etsy can do this. Other sites can do this.Humorously, chat su...
They have implemented ground advantage...but at the old Parcel Select Cubic worse pricing than Shippo, Pirateship, Shipblink, etc. 
Craft theme has "enable quick add buttons"  as a default feature in the theme.I am trying to figure out where in the website editor I can go to add a button or text to the quick add box that pops up when people click this.Right now "choose options" w...
The order printer app was accidentally uninstalled.   Upon reinstall all of our custom templates are gone.Are these stored anywhere in the shopify code that we can do a recover/restore from?
Unfortunately this doesnt address the issue with any data lost from the app when uninstalled and reinstalled. 
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