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Hi Community I'm trying to change the colour of the + and - buttons because the body text is white. Does this appear somewhere in a .liquid file? Can't find it. I need to fix on both the Cart p...
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Hi @made4Uo , really appreciate your video. Thanks for your help 
Hey @ArturoLopez , thanks heaps for your response. Yes I am using 2.0 so hoping for the best there. I'm not great with the code yet but I'll check some tutorials for editing the components. But good to know that using the templates is the way to go. ...
I have some products that I would want a dramatically different looking page for. Colours etc. Example would be a special edition of a product, I would want that page to have inverted colours or whatever. Maybe difference between dark / light. Anyway...
Hi Shaw7For example, do you mean you might sell a product for $10 but if the customer wants to order more than 5 of these the cost should be reduced to $9?I feel like this should be a basic feature in Shopify but the only thing I can see is people ad...
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