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I have Brooklyn theme and when on the individual collection pages the hamburger, cart, person, and search icon are in white and therefore do not show up on white background. How can I get them ...
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I am based in Los Angeles and in the past I was told Shopify was collecting taxes.  When looking at the tax page there are numerous lines of not filed.  How can I tell if they are collecting them or not.
I am trying to make the logo bigger on grid theme.  Any suggestions of how to change it in the code
I recently purchased (but not published) GRID theme on shopify.  I wanted to add a section that could have individual instagram posts.  I currently used the slideshow but I would like multiple post that can be accessed seperately.
I recently purchased GRID theme but am currently on Brooklyn.  I have yet to publish but would like to put new pictures on the site, Do I still need to do that through brooklyn.  I wanted to not mess with the current site as the pictures will be a di...
Did you ever figure out how to fix this.  I'm having the same problem as a few days ago.
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