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If providing an additional service I would add variants to the product i.e.standard & personalised and add the additional cost on the personalisedvariant.
Hi lisavcain,Yes every form will need a different name and you need to link both thetemplate and sections every time.for example, I create the form in sections calling it *product-m12-m12-m12*then when I go to template, I select the *product* option ...
HiI am sorry I never even noticed that ;-( I don't know how to resolve it butwhen I go to my basket I can adjust the quantity still.If you do find out please let me know because I am a complete novice tothis too..Many Thanks
Hi,Yes it's a bit of a pain but you have to create a new Section product codeand a Template directing it to the Section for every set of personalisationrequirements you have.Then on the product page select the theme template you require for theproduc...
Hi Thank you for such an easy to use tutorial. I am a complete novice to this and found it very straight forward.However I have an issue. All of the products I will be selling will have completely different personalisation requirements. If I follow y...
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