Hello: I just got an email from Google suspending all my campaigns due to misrepresentation. While I was looking at the feeds, I ended up deleting my Primary Feed (the content API one). ...
Hello: I got my tracking all set up on Google Analytics and Google Ads and now I am trying to create a goal to track the number of people who sign up to my list. Can Support or someone else he...
I need to contact support and the link at the bottom of this page https://help.shopify.com/en just keeps redirecting me to the same page. I have tried to email support at shopi...
Hi: I need an app that helps me list my products, reprice them, import orders between Shopify and Walmart Marketplace. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much! -M
Hello, I am using Consistent Cart to monitor and recover cart abandonments. What is happening to my store is that I get a lot of anonymous shoppers adding things to the cart and then leaving t...
Hello to all: Thanks for reading my post. I'd like to add coupons to the bottom of my packing slips/invoices I include with every order. My goal is to encourage the recipient to cut it o...
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Hello,I am a made to order business.  Right now I manually create purchase orders and send them for production.  Is there a way to automate this? To select the open orders and create a purchase order...Thank you very much,,,-M
Hi. I have never planned a marketing budget.  I just got for a target ROAS of 3+.  How do I create a budget that doesn't feel like it can constrain growth? Thanks for any advice.
Hi:Shopify support won't help me fix this... Can you share your contact? I'll pay $40 to fix this ASAP!!!!
I do not have the app installed anymore and I still have this error.  How do I get rid of this?
I am using an app called DropInBlog and is very seo friendly like Wordpress with Yoast
I didn't find it on the Shopify app directory.  I was looking for something in the directory.  Thanks for the reply.
Wordpress is a great tool for content marketing.  Is there an app that can replace wordpress? Thanks-M
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