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Hi,Have received the email with instructions, but I don't see the "Upload" tab in my Crossborderit CBIT account?  Is anyone else having this issue or is it not quite live yet?
@Dbaca - Can you also confirm when your PayPal onboarding will be happening please? I'm assuming we should not be adding our IOSS number to our shipping documents yet until we have completed the PayPal onboarding?  
Hi Dbaca (Crossborderit)Can you confirm how long it usually takes to get an IOSS Number through after registering with you please? Also from a manual submission of the information (as most of us won't have access to our Shopify checkout's for API int...
HS Codes. Why only 6 digits???We now require 8 to ship from the UK to Europe.10 digits to ship to other destinations worldwide.We fix this by manually changing the codes of each product in each parcel when we enter details with the courier.Shopify li...
Is there any way to know if shopify will 'not' be providing a fix in time or even not working on the problem.As we may well be forced to change platform as without a fix a large amount of our business around europe will become unworkable on the 1st o...
In January when the UK leaves the European Union, goods exported from the UK to Europe will have to be minus the VAT as this will be collected at the point where the goods enter the EU and will be charged to the customer and any due duty.When this ha...
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