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I have been running my online store for a few years now, but I have seen a big drop in conversions and never knew I could ask this community for feedback on my store. Please have a look and let me know your thoughts and what ...
I actually don't know. I got this feedback from shopify support, so not even sure where to start. I got a company a while ago to assist and they messed up my whole site so I am super nervious
Yay! Can you let me know how much you charge?
HiCan someone please recommend someone that can assist in removing 3rd party code and other elements slowing down my site on mobile
Why is nobody talking about this? I am based in South Africa and suddenly saw a big decline in my sales, just to find out that FB and Instagram shopping has been discontinued in my region. See article below:
HiI don't know if anyone will be able to help but my promo codes/ Discount codes are being "stollen" by other websites like coupon seeker,, and...
Tim you are the best!! I have been struggling with this for such a long time and you fixed it in minutes.I can't thank you enough.Live and site saved! Whoop whoop!
Hi All I need urgent help. On my mobile site when clients add items to their cart and click on another section of my page the items disappear or if they want to delete an item they get an error message. I don't know much about coding but is there som...
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