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Hello,  I am using bullet theme. I'd like some help to move the 'Register' and 'Log in' links to the bottom of the menu under the 'Brackets Space' link instead of the top. Can someone please help me? (see screenshot)  Thank You!!! website: https://br...
It's also adding a white background on some pages. See image attached  
Hi,  I was able to implement this however when I make a sub menu within Womens, it causes an overlap of text. Please see the website now to understand what I mean.  I appreciate your help.  Thank you!
Hello, thanks so much for this. do you know the code to implement a mega menu instead? 
My theme doesn't have the mega menu options. i need to code it to allow for a mega menu 
My theme is bullet, mentioned above. i'll gave a look at the link 
Hello,  Can someone please share the code to have a verticle drop down menu. Currently, my theme only allows a horizontal menu and I would like the collections to be listed vertically under 'Women' and 'Men'. I've attached what it currently looks lik...
Hello, Can someone please help me create a mega menu in bullet theme? My website menu is currently just drop downs but I would like to do have headings listed horizontally with the collections below it vertical. Under the Women and Men menu please. I...
Hi thanks for sharing.  I can see in the demo there is the drop down mega menu but I would like the brand list to also be on a seperate page with links like the example image I attached above. Is this possible with your app?
Hello,  Are you able to help with this please?
I want it to be the 'Brands' page in my header navigation
Hello, I would like to create a bands/link list for all the brands I stock. I would like a title (not clickable) and then a list of brand names below it (see image). Each brand to be clickable and link to a collection. Can someone please explain how ...
Disregard. I worked it out. Just have to uncheck "use global board" in theme settings. 
Hello,  I have set boarders to transparent on my website because bullet theme auto set boarders everywhere on the site. I would like boarders only around my forms like the customer log in page, the drop down tab for sizes or denominations on product ...
Also I would like the boarders around the log in screen too. Can you supply the code for this please?
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