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I successfully did this last month but however, shortly after, Instagram has revoked my absolute to use Instagram shopping saying the domain listed on insta is not connected & customers can not check out. As it happened around the same time as I chan...
Just wanted to pop on to say that uploading the code right below <head> also worked for me.  It didn't verify straight away but I left it overnight and it had verified when I checked in the morning
Hi EmmanuelJust wanted to provide everyone with an update as it was myself who started the thread.  Not good news I am afraid, after months of hard work I am still not back up and running.I spent a lot of time reading the actioning the resources you ...
That’s not what you first posted about. The first post is what I repliedto. Only trying to help. I do know a business who uses a PO Box at a placelocal to her and that seems to have satisfied Google so far but time willtell on that one I guess
Get a PO Box or just suck it up I’m afraid
I could do with some advice please. I received the following email from google after my account was suspended. “We have reviewed the Merchant Center Account and the policy disapproval remains because the Merchant Center Account continues to be in vio...
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