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Please share @Moniox95 
Hi @SpeedyDev, this is gold! Thanks so much for sharing. How can we get the tabs to be closed by default?
Hi @PaulNewton, thanks for your input! I tried removing the medium-hide class on both div tags, but I still see the 3 columns instead of a slider on desktop.
Sorry for jumping in here, but would you mind sharing where you added the code in Dawn theme?
Hello Shopify community!I've created a new section (for testimonials) by duplicating the multicolumn section code.Everything works great, but the cherry on top would be to "enable swipe on mobile" on DESKTOP as well. I.e. the section has swipe enable...
Hi, can you please share how you did this?
I have sent you a message 
Hi @KetanKumar, this looks like the built-in slider that comes with Dawn theme? I'm trying to build a slider using Swiper.
Hi! I have created a new section for showing featured product collections in two different tabs (basically 2 sliders in 1). I have put it together just using html and css, but need help with liquid and js to get Swiper working. Anyone keen to help? I...
@Charlie_Horseor @KetanKumar would you be able to help?
Did you find a way around this? I've run into the same issue with URLs not redirecting.
Hi!I've been looking for a similar function for ages. I'm using Prestige theme and the collection-template file looks quite different. Would you be able to help me modify the code?Many thanks
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