Been customizing Venture and reading this help community for answers, but a few things I cant figure out. 1.) Moving the account button to the same row as the search and cart. I am using this ...
Not sure if at some point something in my code it was changed but my titles on my homepage collections are on top of the image. For the longest time I had my titles turned off (shopify expert did it ...
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ah yes that is helpful and i can get it to work but its just for color - what areas would i need to edit to get it to work for size?
Currently when I use the product options on the Debut theme it is a drop down where the customer selects which they want (i currently use it for 2 different sizes). I noticed on the Dawn theme it shows them both on the screen and you pick which you'd...
I am not sure where the code lives but on the front end in the theme it looks like this: (only goes up to maximum of 5).  
No not that either. On Debut theme (and maybe other themes not sure). You can have a “collection list” on the homepage. It’s basically short cuts / icons to specific collections. Something like a navigation bar but with graphics? It will allow a maxi...
I am not sure if this applies to this scenario? I want to expand the collection list boxes (icons that show collections). Not sure if that link works for what I have in mind as well or just for actual products?
I am trying to change my homepage collection list icons, right now its set on 4 and they are big. So I was thinking of adding a few more so everything shrinks down but it needs to be divisible by 2 so it works on mobile (2 across when shrunk). By the...
@Victor makes sense! But should I also change the URL to make everything consistent? I would assume it’s a good idea to do that as well so it matches the new title?
@Victor Thank you for the response, so its okay for me to edit the title of some products (instead of deleting them and readding the) and then once I am set on the titles to focus on SEO. Again was just afraid of broken links and stuff so I do not ne...
Was curious what is the repercussions of changing product titles? Does it lead to broken links then and ruins SEO? Wanted to double check before editing anything and the best way to go about it. Thank you. 
while that works is there anyway to target the specific featured collection on the homepage opposed to all the other headings on the site?
Is there a way to increase the Featured Collection Heading size or better yet load in a custom graphic for it?
nope that doesn't seem to work. I put that right before </head>. Should it be placed somewhere else or is there another code I should try?
Was searching and could not find a proper answer. Right now on Debut when I hover over an image it very slightly darkens the product. How can I change that to a small zoom instead (I saw this on Dawn theme actually). Its more eye appealing. Every top...
Thanks for the response! It’s not a code I could just paste in somewhere?
On my old theme I had these social media sharing buttons on the individual product pages but on Dawn 2.0 there doesn’t seem to be this option. How do I get to these back on each each product listing? Thank you.  
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