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Be very careful when you choose amazonpay, not only do they charge you a large fee for processing the payment from YOUR site they then hold a quarter of the payment for 100 days in case of a chargeba...
We are using a Milton keynes based fulfillment centre for the last few months, this last week we have had a nightmare with them sending damaged goods, completely screwing up our stock and spent all t...
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HiIs this going to solve a MAJOR headache with markets and the shortfall of NOT being able to fix one of the warewhouse locations to a market.. So, i want to tie my EU warehoiuse to EU orders, problem is we stock same products in both uk and EU wareh...
HiIm pulling my hair out trying to work out selling in EU..Tried markets on our uk store and it has many issues so ive been suggested open second store for just eu, got EU warehouse, EU vat number but cant use eu vat number basing new store in eu as ...
HiIn  a nutshell NO it cant do anything close to waht your asking...
@DualSportEuropehi just emailed you via your site, i see you have managed to set up both on one store, toggling between and .com?
@sahilmittal1313well for markets to work as it should you need tobe able to add a location to a Market you want THAT stock and THAT market to fulfill, shopify admit they cant do that so have to make a workaround and struggling...
Ok shopify have confirmed it cant be done, you cant have a location inventory fulfilling for each market zone, so pointless really, all markets is a languages option and ability to charge import duty if you pay more for advanced is NOT an i...
@Andrewcare to answer my problem, its not possible is it?
Thanks for replies, ok so...I've got uk market with all products at've created the sub domain. Com for EU market...with languages and shipping set up...yes so what's missing is making the .com version only picking from location 2 so eu wa...
Hi Ok set up markets, im based in UK so all products showing to uk customers, for EU market i want to only show certain products that will be stored in EU and shipped across eu, but will that charge them import duty as were now on the advanced plan i...
HiOk after much thinking and losing lots of business to EU customers as we are B2C, we are UK based, we have set up markets finally for EU and international as well as USA etc.We upgraded the plan to Advanced so duty and taxes are auto worked out per...
hi @tobyh were literally setting up that now, what did you get to work in the end???
We are litrerally about to start doing the same and need a fix!!!
HiWere settuing up an EU warehouse with selected products and have hit the same wall....come on shopify spend some of them billions!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi Were about to launch an EU warehouse and asking same question as were uk based!!!
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