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I completely missed that. Thank you so much!Did you have a solution for the second issue?
Hello, Could anyone help with moving my logo to the left of the header and placing the menu beside it?  Also in my theme my one of my icons has a thicker border than the other, is this something that can be edited in coding as well?
Hi thank you. That made them both super long can the buy it with shop pay be made the same size at add to cart?
www.shoppreeminence.compassword: 11201994
My Add to Cart and Buy it Now are two different widths. Any help?   
Thank you so much! I love your ideas! I am definitely not a coder so I will make another discussion and see how to implement your top two suggestions. Thank you so much!
Quick question sorry, what is Hero image...sorry if that is a dumb question. Just trying to understand your feedback on the last point.
Thank you so much for the insight!!  I will definitely make some of those adjustments. I didn't realize my main menu you could just be my collections. Going to try and make that adjustment now. Thanks again!
Hello, I rebranded my business from a Women's Shoe and Accessories brand to just focusing on Women's jewelry. It took me close to a year but I am finally ready to relaunch. I would like some thoughts/feedback on my site. I won't limit or tell you all...
Honestly I respect this response so much! I appreciate the feedback and definitely will apply that moving forward. 
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