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Hi, after Dec 26, 2023, the Shopify Inbox app won’t work. we’ve all tried testing it on iOS and PCs and Apple iPads on various browsers, both private and public and nothing works. The start button continues to be grayed out and we have not received a...
Hi John, it’s been YEARS. Why is this still a problem? This needs to be fixed.
That’s great and awesome of you, Adam, however this is a problem that Shopify should solve. I repeat that we should not have to buy an app to solve something that wasn’t a problem for years and that suddenly appears in Shopify.
I'm having a similar problem. The product collection and home page show the product on sale with the larger size / higher price as the "regular price" and the smaller size / lower price as a sale price 
Hi, I need help! Just a few months ago, Shopify started changing customer names to the "ship to" name - if a customer sends a gift to someone, Shopify changes the customer name on their account to whoever they shipped a gift to! It makes us look tota...
Hi John,This should NOT be "expected behavior". Shopify is changing the name on our customer accounts to whoever they ship a gift to. That is unacceptable. We've had Shopify for several years and this problem just started a few months ago. And it isn...
We're experiencing the same problem and it just began a few months ago. It's terrible! Our customers earn points based on their orders and Shopify is now screwing up that system along with the problem of addressing our customers by the name of whoeve...
I'm glad you found an app that fixes this, but this is absolutely unacceptable. There is NO WAY we should have to purchase an app for $39 a month to fix Shopify's problem! 
I absolutely agree. Coming over from many years at BigCommerce, I'm frustrated with Shopify's lack of very basic features like this one. I have about a dozen (probably more) apps now and have about half the function that I had at BC on the most basic...
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